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-Bert, CA   AUG 2010   | Softail Solo Bag|
Got the bag today I can still smell the rocket fuel burning! Dam it got here super fast! Now as for the bag I'm absolutely stoked, keep up the great work! I'll pass the word around. PS stay with the black thread seen one with white thread looked like shit IMO Thanks again!
-Rickie, GA   SEP 2010   | Georgia Bulldogs Custom Seat |
Greg, I am absolutely amazed. I have shown the pictures to many and am very excited about it. The bike is getting work done now. When I get it back I will send you pictures. If I can I will refer you to everyone I know,thanks again!
-Graeme (wombat) -" Kobbers kruiser klub", AUSTRALIA   APR 2010   | Roadliner Custom Seat |
Hi Greg, Received the seats on thurday our time am more then pleased with the seats, man you do great work have already got one menber that will take some pic of his bike and will get you to work out a patten for him , he has a roadliner as well it is a blue model so as soon as he send me the pic's I'll email them to you. he want to keep his own seats and asked if you have any roadliner seats there .I will be tell all the club menbers of your work as so far everyone is very impressed with your work.Once again ty for your help and your great work.
-Casey, VA   FEB 2011   | Dyna Solo Bag|
Greg, Received the bag this afternoon and put it on my bike, pic below.  It is a perfect fit and extremely well made!!!  Thanks so much, it is nice to receive a well made product for a good price.
-Stephen, TX   JAN 2011   | Dyna Custom Solo Bag|
Very cool! Great job and quick too! Here are some pics on the bike.  Not perfect ones, but the best a cell phone can do right now! Lol
-Tom, VA   OCT 2010   | Dyna Custom Solo Bag |
Greg, I got the bags and they look great.Thanks, you are great!
-Frank, CA   SEPT 2010   | Softail Custom Solo Bag |
The bag looks awesome! You do very good work!
Greg seat arrived today it look's awesome!!!
...here are some pic, taken at the beginning of bike show people loved the seat...
...thought you would like to know I won first place today in the bike show. I think the seats did the job,first time I have ever beat a HD!!!
-Thomas, CA   APR 2010   | VTX1800 Custom Seat |
-Joseph, CA   FEB 2011   | Dyna Solo Bag & Tool Bag |
Got the bags yesterday. I must say, you do GREAT work !! Fit perfect and could not be happier. Can send pics if you need them in your future ads. Awesome job !!

-John, PA   FEB 2011   | Dyna Solo Bag |
Greg i just wanted to let you know i got the bag today and its perfect.  I love the fit, quality, chrome quck release clasps and look.  Fits the bike perfectly!

-Derek , UNITED KINGDOM   FEB 2011   | Dyna Custom Solo Bag |
Heres the pictures you requested. Bag looks great!

-Jerry, MI   MAR 2011   | Dyna Left & Right Solo Bags|
I got the bags installed today. They look great! The bags fit fine with or without the sissybar. I only need to undo the rear strap on each bag to remove the sissy bar. I attached some pics that show how they look with and without the detachable sissy bar. Feel free to pass them along if you have other customers with similar questions.
-Domenic, TX   MAR 2011   | Dyna Brown Solo Bag|
Will get better pic in the sun for you I thought I ordered right side but I like the left stumped me for bit figured it out. Anyways I love the bag here is a better picture

-Brian, IL   APR 2011   | Dyna Left & Right  Solo Bags|
Hey Greg, I got the bags last night and quickly put them on.  Nice stuff!  I wrote up a little review on the HDForums site.  Hopefully you'll get some more business because of it. 
-Steve, ND   MAY 2011   | Dyna Left  Solo Bag & Tool Bag|
Got the bags installed last night.  They look awesome.  You do great work.  Here are some pics
-Christoph, Switzerland   MAY 2011   | Dyna Left  Solo Bag & Tool Bag|
Hi Greg,
please find attached the promised pictures from my WideGlide with the bag installed!
They fit perfectly on
to my bike and look awesome!Thanks again and best regards from Switzerland
-Si Thu, Canada   APR 2011   | Dyna Left  Solo Bag|
Hi Greg, here is the pictures of the bag on the bike. I love it, love it, love it.  :) You can freely use it on your web. I am looking at the hdforums to post the picture and review for your service but I can't find the link. If you know, please let me know. Thanks
-Claus, Germany   APR 2011   | Dyna Left & Right Solo Bags|
Hi Greg, got some new photos on http://forum.milwaukee-vtwin.de/thread17133-page2-fxdb-street-bob-satteltasche-links.htm
Attached, a new one with both bags. I really love these bags!
-Joel, MS   APR 2011   | Dyna Left & Right Solo Bags|
Grig, just wanted to say I got the bag and love it!  I can’t think of anything that would look better on my Wide Glide!    You do amazing work!  Will be placing another order for my wifes bike very soon!  Again many thanks! 
I have added a few pictures.  Please use them if you wish.   Again.  It looks awesome! Couldn't be happier!
-Troy, CA   MAY 2011   | Dyna Right Solo Bag |
Feel free to use them for your site! :) Thanks again...love the bag and it's so nice not to have to worry about having a backpack on all the time.
-Brad, US Army   MAY 2011   | Dyna Left & Right Solo Bags |
"If you're like me and want space to put a few things without turning your bike into a bagger, then these bags are for you too. I can't say enough about them or Greg's service. I did a lot of searching before ordering these and I couldn't be happier!"
-Jeremy, VA   JUNE 2011   | Dyna Left & Right Solo Bags & Cover Bags|
Greg, want to thank you again for such great work.  The bags look great, fit perfect, no problem anchoring with the leather cords.  The DL01BL and DR01BL bags are also great!  I totally agree with you, the throwover underseat bags turned out amazing, exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for everything Greg and hopefully I can send some business your way when everyone asks where I got those sweet battery cover bags!
-Jon, IL   JUNE 2011   | Dyna Right Solo Bag for Lowering Kit|
Greg, here’s the (DR03BL )bag on my 2010, Dyna Street Bob. Once I received it, it was like Christmas in June! The bag looks and fits great. I can tell it’s made very, very well!
-George, IL   JUNE 2011   | Dyna Left & Right Solo Bags |
Greg, attached are some pictures of my 2009 far bob. Bags are just terrific for the size bike. I picked up the pecards leather conditioner like you recommended.
Thanks made the bike much more enjoyable!
Kind Regards
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